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Script For Movies Sites , Contains a lot of Features for Easy Management

Version : 2.0

System Requirements :
ionCube v4
GD Library

Features and Details


  • The Ability of Adding Main , Sub , Sub-of-Sub Categories
  • The Ability of Specifying a Picture for Each Category
  • The Ability of Specifying Moderators For Each Category
  • The Ability of Moving Categories
  • The Ability of Changing Page title , Meta Description , Meta Keywords for Each Category
  • The Ability of Specifying Download or Watch Movies for members only


  • The Ability of Adding Description for each Movie
  • WYSIWYG Editor for Movie Description
  • The Ability of adding Photos for each Movie
  • The Ability of Specifying Actors for each Movie
  • The Ability of Adding several files for each movie , like adding several Files types , several Parts , or Episodes.
  • The Ability of Specifying a title for each movie file in addition to the ability of specifying a custom watch url different than download url
  • Auto Recognizing of Suitable player for movie files using players settings.
  • The Ability of Adding Subtitles files for each Movie.
  • The Ability of Allowing Visitors to sort movies by release year , name , date , etc . with the ability of selecting the default sort Settings
  • The Ability of Showing Movies in Groups per release year , or name.
  • The Ability of Moving the movie from Category to another.
  • Custom "New Movies" menu to add specific interested or new movies into it.
  • The Ability of Specifying Movie Director for each movie , whether from actors list or custom text name.
  • The Ability of Adding additional custom info fields for each movie , with the ability of enabling search feature of field to find the movies that having same field value.
  • Stars Rating System
  • Send Movie to Friend
  • The Ability of Changing Page title , Meta Description or Meta Keywords for each Movie.


  • The Ability of adding Actors with details for each actor and connecting them with movies.
  • The Ability of adding Photos  for each Actor.
  • The Ability of showing actors in Groups per name.
  • WYSIWYG Editor for Actor Details
  • Stars Rating System.

Movies & Actors Photos

  • Auto Thumbnails for photos with the ability of modifying thumbnails settings.
  • Auto Resizing for pictures to fit into website frame
  • The Ability of Adding a description for each photo.
  • "in this photo" feature gives you the ability of specifying actors or text name in each picture.
  • Easy "drag & drop" feature to organize the photos order.
  • Stars Rating System.


  • Auto Recognizing of Suitable Player for movie file.
  • Support for Flv , MP4 , AVI , Divx , WMV , Real Video Players.
  • The Ability of adding new Players or modify exist players.
  • The Ability of changing the view-style for each player , Like : in-page Ajax , Ajax dialog , external page , pop-up page , etc ..
  • The Ability of Enabling the External Watching Player.
  • The Ability of Enable / Disable download icon for each player.
  • The Ability of Enable / Disable Internal or External Watching for each player.


  • Fast and easy in use Comments System with Ajax features
  • Members can comment on movies , actors , photos or news with the ability of disabling comments for each section.
  • The Ability of Auto Accepting comments or holding them for admin review.
  • The ability of review or edit comments easily from control panel.


  • Reports system allow members and visitors to report any movie file or indecent comment.
  • The ability of enabling reports system for visitors or members only
  • The ability of review reports easily from control panel.


  • Members system with a lot of features.
  • Members Profiles System.
  • The ability of allowing members to add their profile pictures with the ability of disabling this feature.
  • Privacy system allow members to specify who can see their profiles and who can send them messages in addition of specifying a privacy settings for each detail in the profile.
  • Favorites system allow members to add movies to their favorites list and sharing them on their profiles.
  • Private Messages system allow members to send messages to each other with the ability of admin to send messages to members.
  • Friends list , allow members to add specific members into it and specify privacy settings for them.
  • Black list , allow members to add specific members to disallow them from seeing their profiles or sending messages to them
  • The Ability of connecting members system with external members database , Like VBulletin or any compatible database.
  • Admin can send messages for all members or specific member to member's email or private messages.
  • The ability of adding additional custom info fields for members with the ability of specifying if they are required or optional.

Templates & Language Management

  • The Ability of Adding Multiple Styles
  • Easy to Use Templates System with the Ability of changing CSS and images folder for each style
  • The Ability of Managing Phrases to edit specific language words or support new languages


  • News Section to add last movies or actors news
  • The Ability of Creating Categories for news
  • WYSIWYG editor for news with the Ability of changing or removing the editor
  • Stars Rating System


  • RSS Feeds System
  • Automated Sitemap can be used in Google Webmasters Tools
  • HTML urls to support SEO with the ability of request normal version
  • The Ability of hiding website name or section name from sub-pages
  • Auto Mask System to Generate auto Page Title , META description and META  keywords with the ability of modifying it.
  • The ability of modifying Page Title , META description and META for every category or movie.
  • The Ability of modifying pages files names.


  • The Ability of specifying Ads. Places and Appearance pages
  • The Ability of Adding Normal Image and link Ads. or HTML code Ads.
  • Couting Ads. Clicks and Views.
  • The Ability of Adding Ads. between Menus.
  • Offers Menu with Auto Changing System.
  • Easy of Changing Ads. Sort by Drag & Drop Feature.


  • Easy of Changing Menus Sort and Places using Drag & Drop Feature
  • The Ability of Specifying Appearance Pages for Each Menu.
  • The Ability of Editing , Deleting , and Adding New Menus with Supporting of PHP or HTML Codes.
  • The Ability of Selecting a Specify Style for each Menu
  • Tabbed Menus System for Merge Several Menus in One Menu and Change between them.


  • Advanced Search System allow visitors to find movies and actors with best results as possible as can .

Moderators & Permissions

  • Moderators and Administrators System with the Ability of Specifying Special Permissions for Each Moderator.
  • The Ability of Adding Specific Moderators for Each Movies Category
  • The Ability of Specifying Controlling Sections For Each Moderator Ex : Templates , News , Members , Etc.
  • Strong Password Check and Generate System For More Securing.
  • Control Panel in Separated Folder with the Ability to changing it's Name for More Securing

Hooks & Plugins

  • Internal Plugins Hooks system that make you the ability to add PHP or html codes on several places inside the Script
  • Plugins System to Add More Features to the Script Easily.

Files Uploader

  • Easy and Fast in use Flash Uploader System.
  • The Ability of uploading files and photos directly from your computer.
  • The Ability to import pictures from external url.
  • The Ability of Resizing any Image Directly from Uploader
  • Auto converting Arabic files names to English for more compatibility with Web Servers


  • Database Backup System
  • Database Repair and Optimize System


  • Script contains many configuration options that allows you to modify the script settings to suit your needs as possible as can.

Other Features

  • The Ability of Closing or Opening the Website Browsing at any time.
  • The Ability of Adding Sub Pages with Supporting of HTML and PHP Codes and WYSIWYG Editor
  • TThe Ability of Specifying Time Zone Settings
  • The Ability of Modifying the default date and time format
  • Statistics System for Website Visitors , Browsers Types , OS Type , Etc.
  • Votes Systems.

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